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Bracelets identify you as a guest of the Grand Bávaro Princess; therefore, its use is mandatory to enjoy the All Inclusive package. The Bracelet should always be wear, as it gives you free access to the Hotel facilities, different services and it is used as a key (chip) to enter your room. In case it gets broken, please approach the reception where with the broken one you will get a new one (It is essential to have it physically). If you do not show the bracelet up, an amount corresponding to its cost will be charged to your account. (Check prices at the reception).
Our staff is authorized at all times to request information from all those who are inside the complex without a bracelet. We sincerely thank you for your cooperation in complying with this important standard.
• Pictogram and text of wearing wristband

→ Information EXT: 0
→ Guest Service EXT: 9932/9933
→ Reception EXT: 9915/9916
Platinum Club EXT: 9927/9928
Family Club EXT: 9921/9922

In consideration to the expected arrival clients, we ask you to please consider leaving the room at 12 h; otherwise we will be obliged to make a charge corresponding to the extension of the stay in your account (Check prices at the reception).
If you wish to stay longer in the room, please request it at the reception, the night before, where they will provide this service, as long as availability allows. * This service has an additional cost.
If after checking out, you wish to shower or change your clothes before your trip, you can go to the SPA where you will be offered a courtesy space for this purpose.
Besides, we offer you our luggage room, where you can deposit your luggage safely while still enjoying the facilities until your departure. This service should be requested with the bell boy’s staff.
The night before your departure, you can approach the reception and settle your account, this way your check out will be faster.
Please be sure to receive a confirmation ticket, when you check out, which you should give to the bell boy before your departure from the hotel.

If you would like assistance with the transportation of your luggage, you should contact the Bell boy staff or the reception at least 2 hours in advance, on the day of your departure, to facilitate the recollection of your luggage, you can leave your luggage inside the room in front of the main door.

The Grand Bávaro Princess hotel offers its guests an internal transport service to move comfortably through the complex from 7 h to 24 h. If you need assistance outside of these hours to move around the hotel, please dial “Information”. Do not forget to verify the bus stops and routes.

At the time of check-in, a beach-pool towel card will be delivered (per person) which must be exchanged for a towel at the towel place by each pool. On the departure day please remember to return the towel cards to the reception. If you have unfortunately lost a card, the amount of US25 will be charged to your account. * The use of room towels is forbidden in common area.


  • Do not consume tap water; your hydration should be with bottled water.
  • Confirm your departure with your representative at least the night before it.
  • Use mosquito repellent.
  • Use sunscreen constantly.
  • If you have any allergies or maintain a special regime, please contact the Guest Service department.
  • The consumption of shellfish can produce allergic reactions, please be aware of cooking in different seasons.

We strive daily with the aim of achieving the highest quality standards for our guests, as well as our desire for improvement, we need your collaboration as we believe that your opinion is importance to us; for this reason periodic surveys will be apply, those will help us to identify the points that should be improved at our Grand Bávaro Princess Hotel.

At the time of your departure, the reception staff will give you a satisfaction questionnaire that we request to be filled out and subsequently deposited in the mailbox or at our Guest Service desk.
As some of our future guests will want to know your experience with us, we thank you please share it through and

For the staff of the Grand Bávaro Princess Hotel, it is a great pleasure to serve you and be part of your vacation, offering you adventures and unforgettable moments at your home in the Caribbean.

Our warmest hugs will be waiting for you!
The management.